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[IPp] Floppy pumps . . .

In a message dated 3/13/2002 10:47:03 PM Mountain Standard Time, email @ redacted 

> He seems to be a little unhappy with the way the pump clips.  He
>  says it is too floppy especially during recess and gym.  We have the
>  standard issue clip on the back as well as the leather case.  What are 
>  kids using?

My daughter uses the standard clip almost all the time and won't even look at 
the black leather case (says it looks like something her father would wear! 
LOL!) . . . When she's active (which is most of the time) she clips her pump 
to the INSIDE of the waist band of pants.  This way only the back of the clip 
is on the outside and the pump can't flop around or easily get knocked off.  
She has every kind of pump wearing accessory known to man <g!> and this has 
been her preference for several months now.  Personally, it wouldn't be my 
choice, but it's what works for her (and, no, we haven't had any problems 
with the insulin getting too warm or anything . . .).

There are lots of other options, though . . . Have you looked through the 
stuff on the web site?  Some kids like the soft Waist-It belts.  A lot of 
boys seem to like to just put their pump in their pocket . . .  

Pumpmama to Katie
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