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Re:[IPp] middle school issue

 Thanks for everyone's advice.  I am going to try one more time to be able to 
schedule a meeting with all his teachers before Middle School starts.  If 
they refuse to accomdate I will then get a 504 plan.  So far I have never 
needed it - the Elementary School was always more than willing to do anything 
that I asked.  I have already had one bad experience with just having a 
written format of his diabetes and all that the condition requires.  I had a 
Music teacher who refused to let him use the bathroom or get a drink before - 
she forgot to read the information. He was very high that day.   I was upset 
and so was the school nurse, so that is why I feel a conference with all his 
teachers is necessary and also giving them written instructions to refer back 
to whenever needed.   
I will keep you updated! 
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