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[IPp] Re: school issue

When my son started Junior High, we wrote a 504
plan to avoid any situations that might occur. 
When dealing with multiple teachers, having a 504
plan has given me the authority to make sure Ryan
always has the special allowances he needs, i.e.,
water, food, absenses due to illness, etc.... 
I've found that while most teachers will
accomodate willingly, with the "golden sword" of
the 504, any teacher will accomodate, they have
no choice. Ryan has been told by different
teachers not to leave the classroom to drink, get
juice, etc.  He knows his rights, he does what he
needs to do (respectful disobedience), and we
already have the 504 in place to avoid
repurcussions such as detentions or a suspension.
 It should not be considered "pushing it" to have
a 504, to me it's more like an insurance policy. 
We have only had to refer to it a couple of
times, but I'm glad we had it in the file.  

Now that he is in High School, I've also found
that instead of trying to have a meeting with all
the school personnel, it has been easier for us
to write a letter to each teacher at the
beginning of the year.  I also give them a supply
of glucose tablets to be kept in each classroom. 
It seems to be as effective, and because the
information is in writing, they can refer back to
it as needed. 
The teachers in the upper grades have many more
students, and it does seem more difficult to get
them to attend a meeting.  Also, they expect the
kids to be much more self-sufficient than in
elementary school.  This transition was difficult
for Ryan the first year.  I had him phone me
every day at lunch time, to check in, and double
check that he took the correct bolus or
correction dose.  It only took a minute or two,
but it helped give him confidence since there was
no one at school to help him.  Now, he takes care
of everything himself at school, and rarely has
to go to the office. 

This growing up and letting go stuff is a little
stressful at times.... for me anyway :)

Rae, Ryan's mom (age 14, dx age 5, pumping 3/99)

<Adam will be in Middle school next year which 
means he will have 6 different 
teachers.  I have always had a meeting with his 
teachers and the nurse before 
school started each year - just to make sure 
everyone understand his 
condition and the special allowances he has to 
have - like free access to the 
bathroom , water bottle and someone to nmake sure

he gets to the nurse okay.  
I have spoken to the Middle School, they don't 
see the need for a meeting 
with all his teachers just the school nurse and 
counselor - am I expecting 
too much???? I am just not comfortable without 
speaking to all his teachers, 
because he does get lows often.  Once in a while 
he will have a high also.  I 
know I can require it through an IEP ( Individual

Edcuation Pogram) because 
diabetes is covered by the disabilities act but 
should I push it??? I want to 
have a good communications with the school not 
bad.  Any info anyone can give 
me would be helpful.  Also he would be the first 
student in the middle school 
with a pump.  

Sherry Eshein - Mom to Adam 11 years old, dx 
8/2000 pumping 11/2001 
St. Peters, MO  

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