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[IPp] middle school issue

What I do is I send each teacher a letter first, explaining what diabetes 
is, letting them know about the free allowances she should have to nurse, 
water, bathroom, etc., and also what the pump is and how it works, symptoms 
of lows, etc. I try to make it just one page long, for easier reading and 
not to make them overwhelmed buy all the facts. Then I go to school and meet 
each teacher personally, answering any questions or comments they may have.

We have had good results with this method. Anyway, our school has a 
directors-teachers meeting at the start of the school year where children 
with special health problems and learning problems are discussed. Of course, 
being as paranoic as I am, Im not really at peace until I meet and talk to 
every teacher. I would insist the school let you have a conference with each 
teacher in middle school.

Mom to Eileen, 14, dxd 93 and pumping!!!

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