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Re: [IPp] Re: alt sites /school issue

My son, Adam, who is 11 years old, is the exact opposite he hates having his 
site in his stomache.  We do move around a lot on his hips from side to side 
and up and down.  We also have found that with his stomache we have to 
changed the site every 2 days max, also must do the sandwich method in his 
stomache also.   Whenever we take the site out he has a mark for a long time 
on his stomache.  We have also had lots of bent sites and blood in the 
canula.  We use the Quick sets 6mm.  So for the past few weeks we have only 
been using his hips.  

Adam has been pumping since Nov 1st with humalog on Mini med 508 pump.  
Everything that could have went wrong has for us.  We have tried 3 or 4 
different sets and right now the quick set is the only one that works without 
a lot of pain and allergic reaction.  Adam loves the inserter for the quick 
set also.  He always inserts the site I put the insulin in the resouviors and 
try to get the air bubbles out but he does the rest.  

Adam will be in Middle school next year which means he will have 6 different 
teachers.  I have always had a meeting with his teachers and the nurse before 
school started each year - just to make sure everyone understand his 
condition and the special allowances he has to have - like free access to the 
bathroom , water bottle and someone to nmake sure he gets to the nurse okay.  
I have spoken to the Middle School, they don't see the need for a meeting 
with all his teachers just the school nurse and counselor - am I expecting 
too much???? I am just not comfortable without speaking to all his teachers, 
because he does get lows often.  Once in a while he will have a high also.  I 
know I can require it through an IEP ( Individual Edcuation Pogram) because 
diabetes is covered by the disabilities act but should I push it??? I want to 
have a good communications with the school not bad.  Any info anyone can give 
me would be helpful.  Also he would be the first student in the middle school 
with a pump.  

Sherry Eshein - Mom to Adam 11 years old, dx 8/2000 pumping 11/2001 
St. Peters, MO  
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