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[IPp] Switching a child from Humalog to Novolog

     Well Novolog is finally available in Canada, marketed as Novorapid.  A 
very nice paediatrician we had just seen for the first time the previous week 
phoned me and told me and offered to phone in a prescription for Claire.  The 
doctor had never seen an insulin pump before and didn't know there was a new 
insulin about to be marketed.  But the sales rep happened to visit her just a 
few days after our appointment.  Claire is the only child with a pump in our 
new location (population about 160,000), but I hope to help change this :) 
     I have tried to read through the archives to document what others have 
experienced when switching from Humalog to Novolog, and I think that a number 
of people found they used less Novolog than H.    But if you have the time 
could you write a couple of lines about what your child experienced to help 
prepare me?  I am a bit worried if it peaks much faster than H, as at times I 
find Humalog is already too fast acting.  Next week is the school break week, 
so this may be a good time to start with Novolog. 
     Claire is currently pumping with straight Humalog and we get 3-4 days 
with sites.  Sometimes the entire 3 days may have erratic bgs,  but I never 
know for sure if its due to site problems.  I have tried mixing in Regular to 
get more stability with sites, results were mixed with this.  But the Humalog 
stings her terribly with any bolus over .5, so I am hoping the Novolog will 
help with this.   
     Claire uses the Quick-sets exclusively in her upper butt area.  The 
cannula pops out of her tummy sites right away.  She did use her tummy for 
her first 13 days of pumping and the Humalog did not sting when the site was 
in that spot; this could have been due to her lipohypertrophy in the area. 
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7, pumping H-tron 4/01
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