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Re: [IPp] Re: alt sites

My daughter will only use her stomach as well, though she has been more 
willing to go all the way out to her sides (just not even a fraction of an 
inch around towards the back  -- LOL!).  

She tried her arms twice which she said was okay as long as she wasn't doing 
anything physical (which is almost never) because she didn't like the feeling 
like the tubing was getting pulled all the time when she lifted her arm 
(though her numbers were good for three full days each time).  

It's been nine months of pumping now and her doc says her stomach is looking 
fine and she says that as long as really rotates all over the full area (side 
to side, up and down) that there's no need to worry about making her try 
other sites until/unless we see any dimpling developing or start to see 
problems with sites not lasting (and can't fix that with Novolog).  

Of course, Katie is pretty big compared to many kids that at pumping (5' 3") 
so she has more surface area to move around on . . . I've been wondering 
about how some of you parents of the little guys (toddlers & preschoolers) 
deal with site rotation when you've basically only got their little tushies 
(or maybe some chubby thighs?) to work with . . .

Also, in talking with are CDE this week at the Barbara Davis Center (In 
Denver) she said that this has been the worst winter ever for them in terms 
of new onsets -- averaging 5 a week, and they're seeing lots more really 
young ones(under 2)  being diagnosed too.  She mentioned that they're having 
good luck starting the little ones on Lantus with a little NPH in the morning 
and then using H to cover carbs . . .

Pumpmama to Katie
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