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Re: [IPp] Re:Confused Mom (long)

i just learned it by trying and guessing, no one told me how much to do this 
or that, beyond, trying 1 unit for 15 carbs and 1 unit for every 100 over 
100, including like 120 give .2 etc. i learned about extended boluses, and 
lowered basals by reading and trying them in certain instances, like lowered 
temp basal when she went to epcot, it worked by cutting them in half, so when 
we went to disney, sea world etc we did that too, and recently to avoid lows 
while and after wards we cut basals in half for a total of 8 hrs from the 
time she goes roller blading.
using extended bolus for pizza was only something i had read about, until i 
got a pump that could do it. and we tried it, mostly going by how much i 
remembered bolusing after the first 2 hrs as the first 2 hr reading was 
always in range it was the 4 th and 6 th hr readings that were hi. trial and 
error, just happens that i either am totally right and it is almost 100 even 
or we are a little hi but not much. and so far i haven't over done it and 
made her low, although that is why i do test mostly every two hours sometimes 
more often when i do things like this whether it be the first or the 100th, 
things change all the time. our endo never told me to even try any of these 
good luck, 
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