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Re: [IPp] Re:Confused Mom (long)/ Doses on MDI versus Pump

Yes, each  child is unique and it also depends on the level of control on 
MDI.  Gabe had great control on MDI with his most recent HBA1C of 5.8 and 
others 6 or below.

So the CDE might have assumed that our basals and meal doses were close to 
correct, in general, and had a different starting point and not simply 
started us where everyone else starts (50% of basal on pump versus 

I know that folks generally need less insulin than on MDI when on the 
pump...but 50% was a great source of grief as a starting point for us.  We 
were almost ready to give-up on the pump because we took the CDE's word that 
this was a good basal rate, and like the writer of the original post, our 
instructions for basal changes were very sparse.

Once I used my own judgement things straightened out in 24 hours....so yes, 
it is a YMMV thing, but some of the tactics for control with MDI are useful 
for pumping too.

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