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Re: [IPp] Re:Confused Mom (long)

We are only pumping successfully a short time (about 1 week).  Our basals are 
almost on the spot.  We started with 70% of our Ultralente dose and divded 
that amount by 24 hours and are giving that much basal per hour..our pump has 
up to 48 basal settings (the MiniMed 508).  Our original instructions to use 
50% of our Ultralente dose were completely whacko and caused me nothing but 
grief for two weeks prior to this.

We are bolusing meals with the same ratio we used with injections.

But, I can tell you with my very little experience, that after a hellish 
start, the most problems that we had were TOO LITTLE BASAL.  I kept assuming 
it was the site or set being at fault.  They simply started us on 50% of his 
Ultralente dose and it was not enough.

I did the adjustment myself.  I don't know what long-acting or basal you were 
using with injections, but perhaps you should figure based on that.

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