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[IPp] Re:Confused Mom (long)

I am having a real hard time figuring out basals and boluses.  My doctor has 
given me no real  instruction so I have been relying on my CDE for 
basal/bolus changes. We don't seem to be getting any closer to better 
control.  I feel like the decisions I make regarding basals and boluses are 
always situation specific.  This means that depending on whats going on at 
the time, BG, Activity, Carb Gs I will bolus or basal what seems right- 
sometimes she is in target range sometimes she's not.  So I guess what I'm 
asking is do the majority of you parents have hard and fast rules for setting 
basals and carb/bolus ratios or is it all sort of "off the cuff" ? I feel 
like I need more education but I don't seem to be getting it.  Also do your 
Endos tell you what to change boluses/basals to and if so how often do you 
get this info from your doctor?  Thank you Maryann Crawford mom to Kaycee 8 
dxd 10/00 pumping 10/01 
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