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Re: [IPp] Michigan pumpers (was Neosporin)

Hi Rae,
   We live in Westland, MI  We're off I-275 between the Ann Arbor Rd. exit
and Ford Rd. Exit. Our actual main cross roads are Warren and Newburg (if
you're familiar with this area).
    Johnny is 9 (will be 10 in July).  He was email @ redacted  Pumping since June 25,
2000. I head a group called "Parents' Diabetes Network" In our group we have
about 36 families.  Out of those around 8 to 10 are pumpers.  A lot of them
go to Uof M. You'd be surprised how many pumpers there are in Michigan.
Probably a lot near you.  Does Ryan have any other kids in his school who
have diabetes?  Johnny is the only one in his school.  Next year there will
be a kindergartner starting and the following year will be another one.  By
the time that one starts, he'll be in Junior high (starts at 7th grade
here).  Do you have a support group there?
     Has Ryan gone to Diabetic camp yet?  Johnny has gone 2 years in Ohio,
which is a day camp.  I want him to go one more year there and then next
year he'll go to Camp Midicha in Fenton, MI.  Camp Midicha is a full week
without the parents.  He's looking forward to that!
     Johnny's doing pretty good on the pump.  He switched from Humalog to
Novolog about 2 months ago and his numbers seem to be doing good and the
sites last longer.
He's on an Animas pump, but we use the MM Quick sets.  He has to have an
injector.  We were using the softsets, but had a hard time keeping them in.
When they came out with the quick sets, we switched.  Much better.
     We go to a meeting once a month in Troy with people from the IP. It's
nice to meet other pumpers.
     Have a nice day!
Dianne Shekell
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