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[IPp] D-tron

Here is a list of features *(note, this pump also comes with an insulin pen
that can use the same insulin cartridge from the D-tron, the H-tron comes
with two pumps).

Water proof
Three types of boluses:
Standard-using this you get a confirmation beep and vibra signal before it
Scroll-the *fast* bolus, no confirmation just push and the insulin
immediately dispenses.
Extended bolus-you program the amt and how long you want this to go.
pre-filled insulin cartridges-350 units(or you can fill them yourself)
1 battery (as opposed to two)
attached piston rod (as opposed to snapping one onto the cartridge)
Two basal programs-A & B that are programmed without having to put the pump
in stop first!
Temp basal rates set by %s-ex. you set it to 90% of what your original basal
is for that hour.
back light

You can review history of boluses

You can review history of Daily totals

You can review history of Alerts and errors.

Advanced features:

Set automatic off
adjust beep volume
adjust bolus increment (by 0.1)
lock basal rates
review time remaining for either t1 or t2 (temp basals)
Data transfer

Now, the practical part of it!:O)

I have never used the temp basals or the extended boluses yet.  I just
haven't found a need for them with him only being 6.  I know, however, the
older he gets this will be very useful for sports, puberty and food!:O)
I don't use the scroll bolus because *I* need the confirmation
beeps/vibration just to feel doubly safe kwim?
I LOVE the 1 battery, we typically get at least 6 weeks of life out of one.
I also LOVE the attached piston-very convienant.
I LOVE the pre-filled cartridges, we just drop and go-very quick with minor
I LOVE the backlight-I've used this for night bg checks.  It's bright enough
to see but not too bright to wake Riley up.
I LOVE the bolus review, there are times I've forgotten if I've covered a
food or just to check when the last time I've corrected a high if I'm
suspecting a site problem.
I love being able to program the bolus increments, right now it's .1 but
Riley can change this when he gets to be much older.
I love the water proofness.
I like the vibrating mode.
I like the insulin pen that uses the pumps cartridge-no need to bring
seperate insulin & needles when our out & planning on disconnecting for long
I love the menu driven programming.
I've NEVER had a problem with customer service or tech support-even if it's
1am in the morning!:O)  However, there is bad apples in all work places!:O)
I get my order very quickly-it ships within 1 day of placing it.  I have to
wait up to 2 weeks for Riley's pumps sets from MM.
I LOVE how the tubing & connection run down the top of the pump (perp.) as
opposed to coming straight out the top.
I love how the pump automatically resets itself after a battery change and
piston retraction (to put in a new cartridge)

What I would change-
the amt you can set basal rates.  It'd be nice to have .01 options for *now*
this won't be a factor for long the older Riley gets.
I wouldn't change the size or shape but it is slightly larger and heavier
than the H-tron was.  This isn't a factor for us because Riley carries it in
his pocket but I can see how this might bother someone who likes to clip it!
The piston rod has gotten stuck on us once and wouldn't retract-we had to
send the pump back & they gave us a new one.  It hasn't happened again but I
think Disetronic might need to do some more quality control tests on it.
Well, that is all I can think of for now-I need to get to bed!:O)

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6 (dx'd 7-1-99 &pumping 21mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-2 & Lane-3mos
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