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re: [IPp] Kelly &Softsets & site "marks" & Novolog post-prandial

<<From: Dianne Shekell <email @ redacted>
Hi Kelly,
    We used to use softsets because they were the only set with an inserter.
A must with my son.  We had a terrible time keeping them in.  They stayed in
ok with Mastisol, but he became very allergic to it.  Had to stop using it.
When they came out with the quick sets (which have an inserter), we switched
to them.  MUCH better.  Stay in while just using IV prep.  I put an IV 3000
tape over it just to be sure.  We also switched from Humalog to Novolog and
the sites will stay 3 to 4 days instead of 2.>>

Kelly & Dianne,
I agree 100% w/ Dianne.  We had a terrible time keeping SofSets sticking
to Luke in the 1 month that we used them.  Switched to QuickSets w/ just
the IV Prep & presto - stays in.  Except that Luke's belly is a terrible
place for any plastic cannula, as his muscles seem to bend them all.  A side
effect of only having to eat when he's hungry is that Luke has gotten 
very lean - he had more fat on MDI!  Anyway, I'm a huge QuickSet fan
but not everyone is - YMMV!  

Also, Luke has always had very sensitive skin.  If he has a bandage on
his hand for 2 days, you can see marks/irritation afterward.  We can see
where his sites were for about 1 month.  It was worse on Humalog/Regular
and is slightly better on Novolog.  We've tried Bard & have a few other
things to try that Barb suggested a few weeks back but haven't gotten
around to.  We use pure Vitamin E oil on his sites for several days after a
changeout & it has helped his itching & seems to help recovery. Another YMMV

And finally, on the Novolog post-prandial issue:  for Luke, Novolog seems
to come on about as fast as Humalog, but it peaks earlier but then lasts
longer.  Does this make sense?  On Humalog, we could use the rules in
"Pumping Insulin" just perfectly for the unused bolus calculation, so
Humalog acted at a fairly linear rate over 3.5 hours.  With Novolog, it
seems to come on as fast, but it peaks about 1.5 hours into it, but then
tapers off & lasts for about 4 hours.  So we do better on post-prandials
for Luke by using the square wave on more meals than we did on Humalog -
pizza can still be tricky depending on amount of meat, etc. 
On the other hand, Novolog takes care of cheeseburgers + fries much better
with a 30min. square wave - Luke usually comes in at 150-180 2hrs later.
On the "big people list" that isn't very impressive but I figured other
parents might appreciate that.  It seems much better than 300. YMMV....
insulin as we all know can be YMMV in the same person from hour to hour.

Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/5/01 - 1 year tomorrow!

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