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RE: [IPp] time on site

are you saying that you put IV3000 down and then insert the site through it?
I ask because I am looking for ways to keep the sites on!

Yes, here is a trick that works for *us*.  We couldn't keep the soft sets on
either and Riley is allergic to Masitsol so this is what we've found to work
after experimenting a bit: We wipe with the prep pad, let it dry, place the
IV3000 down with the wider part of it horizontal (like a rectangle, !----!),
than we put in the soft set but we turn it so the tubing is to the side
facing Riley's nearest front pocket to it (not facing down) and that puts it
perpendicular to the IV3000.  We then put on the two tapes in the same
direction as the soft set-the small IV3000 with the hole goes down first
(for us), than the white, bumpier tape last.  For some reason, the edges of
the white, bumpy tape really help anchor the site because they overlap the
first IV3000 on the top and bottom.  I found for keeping it on in water just
put another IV3000 on top in the same direction as the last two tapes.
We've not had site's not sticking since!:O)  It has only worked this way for
*us*, it doesn't stick if the soft set tubing faces down or if all the tapes
face the same direction.  Strange huh?<G>  We also live in So. FL where
there is high humidity, heat and lots of water!!!!:O)

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6 1/2, (dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 21mos), Mason-4,
Cailin Rose-almost 3, & Lane-3 mos
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