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[IPp] Kelly &Softsets

Hi Kelly,
    We used to use softsets because they were the only set with an inserter.
A must with my son.  We had a terrible time keeping them in.  They stayed in
ok with Mastisol, but he became very allergic to it.  Had to stop using it.
When they came out with the quick sets (which have an inserter), we switched
to them.  MUCH better.  Stay in while just using IV prep.  I put an IV 3000
tape over it just to be sure.  We also switched from Humalog to Novolog and
the sites will stay 3 to 4 days instead of 2.  If you do continue to use the
softsets, try using Johnson and Johnson "Flexible Fabric" band-Aid's (not any
other brand or type. Believe me, I've tried them all).  I cut the bandage part
off the bandaid and am left with the two pieces of the sticky part.  I then
put one piece over one wing of the soft set (after inserting the set of
course) and the other one over the other wing, making sure I got as close to
the middle nubby while still covering the wing. They were the only thing that
held the soft set in for my son.  I would sometimes use two bandaids and
overlap the two sticky parts somewhat from one band-aid to form a larger strip
to put over one wing. Then do the same with the other one.
Good luck.
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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