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RE: [IPp] time on site

> How many of us that have skin problems in our kids are using H in
> the pump vs Novolog?  Riley also has terribly, red, irritated sites
> after 48 hours (even after 24 he has a pump bump!).  The CDE told us
> it was an infection problem and we needed to use antibacterial
> soap...........nope!!!  That was wrong because we had already been
> using the soap and generally put new sites in right after a bath or
> shower.  Even when I use a antibiotic type cream on it, his sites
> still take a long time to look good and the skin is still patchy for
> awhile afterwards so I think it's not an infection.  I strongly
> suspect Riley's problem is the H and I'm hoping Novolog will
> eliminate/reduce this, at least, it's going to be an arguing point
> for me at the endo's office to get him on Novolog!:O)

He could be reacting to the material in the cannula or one of it 
preparation agents. Some people solve this problem by changing to a 
different type of set. Don't overlook the possibility of an allergy 
to something in the adhesive that holds the set in place.
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