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Re: [IPp] lancing devices and lancets

<<email @ redacted writes:
<<After much deliberation, we decided to try the One Touch Ultra instead of
<<Freestyle( although I may try it too later).  After just one evening, we 
<<are VERY pleased with the meter!  However, I am not so sure I like the
<<device it came with. >>

<<email @ redacted writes:
<<That was pretty much my daughter's response -- loves the One Touch Ultra, 
<<didn't really like the lancet.  Her favorite has been and remains the 
<<SoftClix Lancet that came with her original Accucheck Meter.>>

We noticed that the One Touch Ultra lancing device was just like the FastTake-
and Luke didn't like that - he used the SoftClix from Accucheck as well for
quite a while.  Then last summer when he got the Ultra, we also got the BD
lancet tips from our new insurance (they have some preferred contract w/ BD)
and tried those in the Ultra lancing device.  Luke likes those fine & was
willing to switch which was nice since we would need to co-pay for the SoftClix
but we get the BD's for "free" with the insurance.  Luke uses the 3rd setting. 
[I use the first setting if we're doing a pinky finger, which Luke rarely likes
to use.]  I find the 2 types of lancets comparable in comfort as well (I test
about 1/month since my dad has type 2).

Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01, & to Trevor 11 & Kate 8

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