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[IPp] RE: Child Block Feature

We have a MM508 pump for Luke, 7 - he celebrates 1 year of pumping
on Tuesday, March 5th.  He wants to celebrate "Pumpy's" birthday
so I love the idea of a cake decorated like his pump but I'm not
sure my meager skills are up to that task.   

We started out using the child block feature & then quickly stopped 
when it became a bigger pain in the rear for us.  Then we did just
at school but would forget to turn it off at night & get frustrated
when trying to do his square wave for pizza, etc.  Not a big deal but
we realized that no one was messing with his pump, least of all him -
he was old enough to realize that too much insulin would knock him
low.  He allows no one to touch his pump unless they know what they're
doing (the school nurse, trainer, us, & him).  Luke learned to do his
own bolus within a couple of weeks.  At first school wanted the nurse
or school staff to do it, but quite frankly, the thought of giving
Luke insulin in this $5000 tool frightened them - whereas Luke thinks
it's easy & doesn't worry about it.  Also, we wanted them to let him
be as much in control of his diabetes care as possible, so they caved
after a couple of days of seeing that he can bolus just fine.  All
they do now is check is the bolus # with the # we give them on his
lunch menu.

In summary, the child lock feature is one that for "older" kids (depends 
on the child's maturity) really isn't that useful.  We've been very
happy with the MM508 pump - we just don't really need that feature.

Shelly V., mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 & Trevor 11 & Kate 8

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