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RE: [IPp] Re: Child block feature

> <<The H-tron has a basal and bolus lock on it-I can vouch for that!:O)
> D-tron has a basal lock on it but not a bolus one,>>

Hi Amy,
     Did you get that backwards?

No, the H-tron does have a basal lock on it (I remember that from when Riley
was using it because I forgot I locked it and couldn't figure out for the
life of me why I couldn't change the basals untill I called Disetronic
thinking it was a tech problem-DUH!!!!<G>)  The D-tron also has a basal lock
on it as well but not a bolus one.  We did have Riley's basal programmed for
.1 on the H-tron mostly because he was getting small doses of insulin so we
needed the precision!  I like how you program the D-tron yourself for
whatever bolus amt you want it to give at one time, we've also set it for
.1.  I really like the H-tron pump and found it to be VERY kid friendly, I
love the D-tron because it's such a joy for adults to use kwim?<g>  Yes, I
think the other company's have made a better marketing pitch about being kid
friendly maybe Disetronic will in the future?  Our Ped endo puts the little
kids on the H-tron and the teens on MM.  I think the two pump system is a
really nice feature-especially with kids!:O)

 Btw, I also get the two confused too and we've used both! ROFL!!!:O)

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 21mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-almost 3, & Lane-3 mos
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