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[IPp] (Fwd) [IP] Looking for women with diabetes who have give

Date:          Fri, 01 Mar 2002 08:47:39 -0700
From:          Tina Farrell <email @ redacted>
Subject:       [IP] Looking for women with diabetes who have given
birth To:            email @ redacted Reply-to:    
 email @ redacted

Dear All:

With the permission of Insulin-Pumpers we are asking for your help.

Writers Tina Farrell and Beverly Morgan (our credentials at end of
this message) are looking for comments from women with diabetes who
have had babies and would like to answer questions about their
hospital experience. Please look over the following and see if you9d
like to help us explore this topic and let others know about your
individual experience.

WHEN AND HOW TO RESPOND: If you have comments for us, we must get them
in the next 4 to 5 days to meet our deadline. If you would like to
email @ redacted

This article is for the national magazine, Diabetes Interview. You
will be identified by name (first and last), city, and state. The
article will appear: possibly April or May 2002 - at the magazine9s
discretion. We would be happy to mail you an issue with the finished
story. We appreciate your help, and more importantly, we know Diabetes
Interview readers will benefit.

BREASTFEEDING: How do hospitals promote this important protection from
diabetes for the baby, especially if the mother already has diabetes?

These questions are focused mainly on the breastfeeding initiation
that occurs (or perhaps did not occur) at the baby9s birth. Write as
little or as much as you see fit, if the question applies to your
experience. Thanks!


Did you plan to breastfeed, or did you decide early on that you would

If you decided not to, why did you make this decision?

Did you plan on breastfeeding but not breastfeed? Why?

Did you collect milk to help to jump-start lactation or as a way to
induce labor? How did that work out for you?

Did you successfully breastfeed? Starting out, what contributed to
your success?

Immediately after the birth, how did the doctors and hospital handle
monitoring your health and the baby9s?

In the hospital, when you delivered, how did your having diabetes
affect the birth and first breastfeeding experience?

What was done to check the health of the baby?

What was done to check your health?

Our research says that "coming in of the milk for mothers with type 1
occurs about one day later than for mothers without diabetes." Did
your doctor or your literature prepare you for this? Did you find this
to be true?

Did you participate in any trial therapies, such as fetal cord blood
studies? Please describe this, or share with us your doctor9s name.

Did you experience any noticeable improvement in your health while
breastfeeding? That is, improvement in your management or lessening of
any complications? Any other comments?

Thank you for your help. We will do our best to get you a copy of the
published article, if you provide us with a mailing address.

Tina Farrell


Tina Farrell. I have been writing professionally since 1984. I have
published many nonfiction articles on a variety of topics, including
diabetes. My articles on diabetes and health topics have been
published in the national magazine Diabetes Interview, the newsletter
of the Diabetes Society of Sonoma County (CA), the Diabetes Dialogue,
newsletter of the Diabetes Society of Santa Clara Valley (CA), the
Business Journal of Silicon Valley (CA), and on the internet. My
article about wearing medical ID was linked to Insulin-Pumpers. I was
the editor of the newsletter of the Diabetes Society of Santa Clara
Valley for three years. I have had type 1 diabetes for 10 years and
have worn an insulin pump for seven years.

Beverly Morgan has been working in the breastfeeding field since 1973.
She is the author of two audiobooks about breastfeeding:
"Breastfeeding9s Number One Question: How Do I Know My Baby is
Getting Enough Milk?9" and "Reading Your Baby9s Body Language." She
has authored many articles related to breastfeeding in publications as
varied as Sacramento9s Parents Monthly (CA) and Social Marketing
Quarterly. She is in private practice in the greater San Jose,
California area and is on the board of the San Jose Mothers Milk

Tina B. Farrell
Writing, Editing, Design
email @ redacted
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