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[IPp] Re: Child block feature

We originally chose the MM508 because it had the child lock feature.  But I 
must admit we don't lock the pump now unless she is at school.  She did try 
and did successfully bolus herself the first month that we had the pump.  
That was a year ago.  She has never done it since.  I think we scared her 
because of our reaction. When I heard the beep from the other room and 
figured out what she had done...well let's just say she must remember the 
fear in my reaction...I was terrified, fortunately it was only 0.1!!  She 
needed it anyway because she was high...thank GOD!  Also now the way we have 
the pump set, we have to choose what type of bolus we are doing, i.e., 
normal, dual, square, there are more steps to bolusing so I will definitely 
hear the beeps.  But honestly she has never done it again.  And now that she 
is a year older she is really beginning to understand the correlation between 
the pump, insulin, going low and eating.  Amazing as it may sound.  We try to 
include her in every aspect of her diabetes. I think for her age she has a 
pretty good grasp on it!  She did have a dummy pump to play with in the 
beginning also, so maybe she got all that curiosity stuff out.  And her Dad 
made a "pump" for Rufus out of an old pager and she "boluses" him all the 
time.  As for other kids touching it.  Would never happen.  She is SOOOO 
protective of her pump, if anyone other than us reaches for it she will yell 
no get away from my pump.  Except for her baby sister who is 18 months old 
and is curious as a cat.  She wants her sugar checked everytime Shannon gets 
hers check and she wants a pump.  When we do a set change on Shannon, she 
lays on our lap when we insert it.  Well, as soon as she gets up the baby 
trys to lay down and points at the serter and then at her bottom.  Kind of 
bittersweet.  Makes me laugh and cry at the same time.  God forbid we have to 
really put one on her.  Anyway, I do think it is a good feature to have!

Tammy, wife to David
Mom to Shannon, 4, dx'd 2/99, pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn 1 1/2 and running wild!
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