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Re: [IPp] broken pump....back to shots

> My daughter's pump broke today, and we won't be getting another one
> until tuesday.  I am looking for advice from other parents who may
> have had this happen.  My Husband and I are very stressed about it,
> and worried how our daugther's numbers are going to be affected.  Does
> anyone have advice on going back to shots when we have been used to
> the pump for 3 years?  We ended up having an expired back up lantus,
> so we had to go to a new pharmacy (ours was closed) to get more. She
> was given the lantus about an hour ago, with a blood sugar of 111, and
> just now it"s already gone up to 374, she has had no carbs to eat. We
> did the correction, and are just nervous about what is going to happen
> for the next couple days.

Lily's pump broke a few times during her teen years. She used regular 
insulin for her background basal by injecting 4 hrs worth (pump basal 
volume) every 4 hrs into the disconnect port on her infusion set. She 
did her bolus insulin-analog the same way. Worked perfectly, good bg 
control and no change in schedule, eating habits, etc... 

This happened a couple of time, the longest period was 3 days.

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