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RE: [IPp] broken pump....back to shots

Hi Kelly,

We've dealt with this as well.  It isn't as big a deal as it feels.
Lots of folks control their diabetes quite well with shots.  Also, it is
only a couple of days.  Even if they are tough days, it won't cause her
any harm in the long run.  I'm guessing that by now you are feeling
somewhat better.  At least, I hope so.  Trust yourself; you know what to
do.  That's obvious since you are doing the right things already.  This,
too, shall pass.


Chris Brostrup-Jensen
Father to Brian, age 11, dx'd 6/03, pumping OmniPod since 7/06

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> Subject: [IPp] broken pump....back to shots
> My daughter's pump broke today, and we won't be getting 
> another one until tuesday.  I am looking for advice from 
> other parents who may have had this happen.  My Husband and I 
> are very stressed about it, and worried how our daugther's 
> numbers are going to be affected.  Does anyone have advice on 
> going back to shots when we have been used to the pump for 3 
> years?  We ended up having an expired back up lantus, so we 
> had to go to a new pharmacy (ours was
> closed) to get more. She was given the lantus about an hour 
> ago, with a blood sugar of 111, and just now it"s already 
> gone up to 374, she has had no carbs to eat. We did the 
> correction, and are just nervous about what is going to 
> happen for the next couple days.
> .
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