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Re: [IPp] broken pump....back to shots

Hello Kelly,
  This happened to my son about a month ago. I know it's hard, but the increased
stress will not help. Double check the bolus amount for the Lantus, with your
doctor if necessary. Use the shots of short acting insulin for meals and
corrections; we use Novolog. Double check the availability of the Glucagon in
your house.
  If the pump is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, I probably would not give a
bolus of Lantus and just use the short acting insulin on Tuesday. It may require
an extra shot or two but will allow the immediate use of all pump features when
it shows up. You should double-check to make sure the pump will arrive in the
  If you choose to give a Lantus bolus on Tuesday morning, when the pump arrives
you'll be limited to meals and corrections and no basal rates.
  This is how we handled the problem of a broken pump. What you do will depend
on you and your doctor.
  All the best, Amira

kelly Savage <email @ redacted> wrote:
  My daughter's pump broke today, and we won't be getting another one until
tuesday. I am looking for advice from other parents who may have had this
happen. My Husband and I are very stressed about it, and worried how our
daugther's numbers are going to be affected. Does anyone have advice on going
back to shots when we have been used to the pump for 3 years? We ended up
having an expired back up lantus, so we had to go to a new pharmacy (ours was
closed) to get more. She was given the lantus about an hour ago, with a blood
sugar of 111, and just now it"s already gone up to 374, she has had no carbs
to eat. We did the correction, and are just nervous about what is going to
happen for the next couple days.

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