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RE: [IPp] CGMS for young ones

 We use the Medtronics CGMS for our son who is 3 1/2. We started using it when
he was 20 months ( when it first came out). It works great and we are very happy
with it. We have caught many lows using the CGMS. My recommendation is not to
wait until the FDA approves the CGMS for toddlers. IT will take years. AS always
- they test and approve new items for adults and teens first. Then they start
testing for children. Approvals for toddlers and small children will not happen
right away. Our insurance company pays for CGMS for our 3 1/2 year old.

 Joy - mom to jake dxd 12/05 at age 12 months, pumping medtronics since 4/06,
cgms since 7/06

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My understanding is that none of them are approved for children that age.
That is one issue the insurance comps have when denying CGMS for young
children.  The flip side of which is that the FDA did not approve novolog
for children that age until this past spring.  I was never told that as a
mother who child was on it since diagnosis at age 2, and AETNA never

I was once told that the greatest risk to young children with T1 is
treatment with insulin as they cannot detect and communicate low blood
sugars.  Relative to CGMS, you would think that would really help us.

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Subject: Re: [IPp] CGMS for young ones
> I am not sure which ones (if any) are approved for that age group.  You
> might want to start with that to figure out which can even be considered.
> Good luck!  Suzanne
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> Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 2:53 PM
> Subject: [IPp] CGMS for young ones
>> Hi Pumpers,
>> We plan to look into continuous glucose monitoring systems
>> for our 16 month old daughter and wondered if anyone had any advice on
>> how to
>> go
>> about choosing, pros and cons, etc...Thanks, Elizabeth K.
>> .
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