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Re: [IPp] RE Dexcom and water

Dan uses the silhouette set for the pump, which has a
longer cannula than a 90 degree set, but it works
better for him because it is an angled set (he's very
lean).  I assume the same would go for CGM sets
--that he'd do better with an angled set--or is that
not the case?  I'd appreciate any input.

Mom of Chris, 25, Carrie, 21, Dan, 17 dx 01 pumping
cozmo 03, aunt and guardian of Mike, 21, wife of Jim

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> The insertion nedle is much shorter with the
> navigator however
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> Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 19:11:41 
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> Subject: [IPp] RE Dexcom and water
> Hi
> Sarah uses the Dexcom (and the sensor is much
> smaller and flatter than the
> Navigator.
> It is waterproof though only tested for 30 minutes
> at 3 feet, people do
> actually wear it diving. Sarah had her swimming gala
> yesterday morning and
> was in and out the water all morning. The current
> sensor is 6 days old and
> tracked well through swimming (though the receiver
> is not waterproof) and is
> still tracking well. We get 10 to 11 day as of good
> tracking per sensor and
> no red marks or skin irritation on removal. In fact
> you can't even see where
> the sensor actually inserted the skin, unlike after
> a pump site change.
> We've also had superb customer service from Dexcom,
> which can't always be
> said for MM.
> Though it's been pointed out that the Navigator is
> new, it's not new
> technology.. it took more than 3 years for them to
> get FDA approval. It's
> also quite a bulky sensor worn on the arm, so easily
> knocked and more
> conspicuous. Their sensor has vertical entry rather
> than angled and I know
> of people who trialled it and said it prickled.
> The Dexcom has made a huge difference to Sarah's
> control and her
> independence. (A1c down from 7% to6.6% in 6 weeks)
> She has done sleepovers
> and stuff she couldn't do previously. I highly
> recommend it.
> Karen
> Mum to Sarah age 11 (diabetic 10yrs, hypothyroid 2
> years) pumping Animas2020
> and Dexcom cmgs.
> .
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