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[IPp] RE Dexcom and water


Sarah uses the Dexcom (and the sensor is much smaller and flatter than the

It is waterproof though only tested for 30 minutes at 3 feet, people do
actually wear it diving. Sarah had her swimming gala yesterday morning and
was in and out the water all morning. The current sensor is 6 days old and
tracked well through swimming (though the receiver is not waterproof) and is
still tracking well. We get 10 to 11 day as of good tracking per sensor and
no red marks or skin irritation on removal. In fact you can't even see where
the sensor actually inserted the skin, unlike after a pump site change.

We've also had superb customer service from Dexcom, which can't always be
said for MM.

Though it's been pointed out that the Navigator is new, it's not new
technology.. it took more than 3 years for them to get FDA approval. It's
also quite a bulky sensor worn on the arm, so easily knocked and more
conspicuous. Their sensor has vertical entry rather than angled and I know
of people who trialled it and said it prickled.

The Dexcom has made a huge difference to Sarah's control and her
independence. (A1c down from 7% to6.6% in 6 weeks) She has done sleepovers
and stuff she couldn't do previously. I highly recommend it.

Mum to Sarah age 11 (diabetic 10yrs, hypothyroid 2 years) pumping Animas2020
and Dexcom cmgs.
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