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[IPp] RE: CGMS types

(Response to:
Isn't the Navigator by Abbott, not Medtronic?  

(and to:

2.  I can  calibrate it (Navigator) with any meter.  The Dexcom has to
> with the OneTouch meter only and I really like my Freestyle Lite  
> better.)
Indeed, the Navigator is by Abbott:
Oddly, although the Navigator is featured on the Deltec Cozmo website, there
is no indication that it is integrated with the Cozmo pump in any way
(except that both use Freestyle strips for manual blood checks).

MiniMed has a separate CGMS system:
If you use MiniMed's CGMS by itself, it's called the "Guardian"
They do seem to have CGMS available to integrate with MiniMed pumps - I
assume it's the same technology?

Dexcom - the Dexcom receiver may be bigger than for the Navigator, but from
the specs on their websites, the Dexcom sensor/transmitter (the part on your
skin) is half the size of the Navigator sensor/transmitter.  

Calibration - the Dexcom website does suggest that you need to calibrate
with a One Touch meter.  However a current Dexcom user told me that you can
actually use it with any meter, because you can manually calibrate by
punching in numbers (that were derived with any meter).

Maria, mom to 6-yo Sigrid dx'd @ 11 mos.
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