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I had a rep from Medtronic come over my house yesterday to show me the
Navigator.  I have used the Dexcom twice as a one-week trial each time
from the hospital.  I was really impressed with the Navigator.  We have
an Animas pump so it doesn't communicate with that but if you have a
minimed pump, it will.  (Something to think about when upgrade time
comes.)  These are the main features I liked about the Navigator:

1.  It has directional arrows to let you know whether they are going up
or down.  If one arrow is on the screen, it means they've gone down 20
pts in 20 minutes.  If there are two arrows, it means they've gone down
40 pts in 20 mins.  This is really helpful to us b/c our son's numbers
fluctuate like crazy!

2.  I can calibrate it with any meter.  The Dexcom has to calibrated
with the OneTouch meter only and I really like my Freestyle Lite better.

3.  Someone mentioned the Dexcom was smaller, but I thought the
Navigator was much smaller than the Dexcom I had.  Lighter for him to
carry around.  A friend of ours puts both her daughter's pump and the
receiver in her pump pak.

4.  Sensors are cheaper than Dexcom's ($35 each v. $60 each).

5.  I thought the screen is easier to read than Dexcom plus it goes up
to a 24-hr graph where Dexcom only goes up to a 9 hr graph.

6.  If the receiver is out of range from the sensor, it will store 40
mins worth of data.  As soon as the sensor is near the receiver, the
receiver will pick up all the data.  We had lots of times the Dexcom
just lost data.

So based on all of this, I am going to see what our insurance will cover
for the Navigator.  It seems like a great choice.  When I had the loaner
CGMS, it gave me peace of mind at night (I had one alarm when he was
going low).  I tend to feel more comfortable being a bit more aggressive
since I have a backup to help catch lows.  Our main purpose in getting
it though is that our son's numbers change so quickly and we need more
information to make changes to his pump.  Our endo also said he was a
good candidate for the sensors and it would help us get his numbers
under control.

Shelby Brock
Mom to Chandler (9), Peyton (4, dx 9/05) and Sydney (3)
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