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Re: [IPp] Allergic to insulin

> Is there anyone out there whose child has had an allergic reation to
> insulin? If so, what were the symptoms and what was the
> remedy/solution? 

There are a two  adults on the mail list that have had this problem. 
Symptoms are those of mild anaphlaytic shock. Rash on the abdomen, 
some shortness of breath as things progress, apparent insulin 
resistance. There are many that exhibit some intolerence of the 
insulin-analogs but actually symptoms as described above (taken 
together) are quite rare. My guess is that it is a reaction to the 
foreign molecule of the insulin-analog. The two adults mentioned 
above were trying to use Humalog and had to quit and go back to 
regular insulin. When Novolog / NovoRapid became available they were 
both able to switch successfully to that.

I have heard but not been able to confirm that there is at least one 
individual for whom the opposite was true..... problem with Novo, OK 
on Humalog. This was more recent. I rather suspect that it all has to 
do with the body's individual reaction to the foreign "insulin-like" 
molecule that is in the particular insulin-analog. 

Neither Apidra, Humalog, nor Novolog are true insulins, they are 
insulin analogs. They differ in that both have certain amino acids 
modified or switched in their molecular chains. In Apidra, that the 
amino acid asparagine at position B3 is replaced by lysine and the 
lysine in position B29 is replaced by glutamic acid. In Humalog, the 
amino acids in positions 28 and 29 on the insulin B-chain are 
reversed. In Novolog, a single substitution of the amino acid proline 
with aspartic acid is made at position 28 in the insulin B-chain.  

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