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RE: [IPp] Pumps and amusement parks

This is what we have persistently heard on  pump
lists, but our CDE and Smiths Medical told us they had
never heard that.  The first summer after Dan got his
pump I made him take it off and I held it while he
went on the big rides.  I stood in line with him and
he unclipped it just before he got on.  The ride lasts
2 minutes, the line lasts 45 minutes, so he couldn't
have it off the whole time.It was a huge pain and he
ended up with very high bgs.  

Since then, he has done a couple of different Great
Americas and Cedar Point and has left the pump on
without any problems.  My only caveat is to make sure
it is securely clipped on or put into a pocket with a
button or something.  The only thing I worry about is
that it will fall off.

Mom of Chris, 25, Carrie, 21, Dan, 17 dx 01 pumping
cozmo 03, aunt and guardian of Mike, 21, wife of Jim
--- "Erickson, Morgan [FIN]"
<email @ redacted> wrote:

>  You need to take it off for ANY ride that uses
> electromagnetic launch systems.
> These magnets are super powerful and may erase all
> of the data in the pump,
> including basal programming.
> Morgan
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>  From: email @ redacted
> [mailto:email @ redacted] On
> Behalf Of Suzanne Henbest
>  I personally haven't heard anything about removing
> the pump for certain rides,
> however, my daughter is younger and tends to stick
> with medium size rides. As
> long as her pump is secure (clipped inside her
> shorts or
>  something) I am not sure why you would have to
> remove it. I would be interested
> to hear the rest of the responses. Suzanne
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> From: "Maureen Hennessy" <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 9:10 AM
> Subject: [IPp] Pumps and amusement parks
> >
> > Does anyone have advice on pumps and amusement
> parks?  My daughter is
> > going to Cedar Point next week with the 8th
> graders at her middle
> > school.  I thought I heard somewhere that you had
> to take it off on
> > certain rides.  Any advice would be great!
> >
> > Maureen
> > Mom to Mary, age 13, dx 6/05, pumping animas since
> 4/06 .
> .
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