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Re: [IPp] Allergic to insulin

Thanks Beverly for responding.  Could you tell me what the rash looked like? 
My son has a rash that the doctors cannot explain and it will not go away and
his BG #'s have been high(300's) so the thought of insulin allergy entered my
mind because I have heard of it before.  The only thing that confuses me is he
has been on humolog for almost 2 years with no problem.  I guess the body can
change, but just like that, all of a sudden?

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From: Beverly P White <email @ redacted>
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My daughter had a allergic reaction to Humalog when she started pumping -
itching, rash, insulin resistant.......changed to Novolog and all was
  Bev, mom to Mary, 14, dx 1997, pumping Animas 2001

jackie shanahan <email @ redacted> wrote:
  Is there anyone out there whose child has had an allergic reation to
If so, what were the symptoms and what was the remedy/solution?
Jackie - mom to Brendan dx 8/06, pumping Animas 6/07

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