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Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump

Our experiences with minimed have been quite the opposite, my daughter has 
been on minimed for 4 years and we have not needed a replacement pump for 
any reason! We did go through a series of sports clips which broke when the 
pump was knocked off her body (that is what they are supposed to do) and 
each time they replaced the clip immediately and they run about $20. When I 
have had a question, night or day, I have always reached a live person and 
had no trouble at all getting the help I needed or a free sample if I wanted 
to try a new product.  As for insurance, they took a proactive role any time 
a bill was denied and worked to remedy the situation, although this has 
happened only once or twice in 4 years.  I just wanted to share my comments 
and experiences so you can make an informed decision.  Good luck, Suzanne
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From: "Tracy Winsor" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, June 04, 2008 8:22 AM
Subject: Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump
> Per our experinece, Animas customer service is exceptional.  I have never 
> called there toll free number night or day without almost immediately 
> getting a warm body.
> The loaner pumps for vacations has been great...AND in three years we have 
> had two brand new pumps shipped to us as replacements!  The first time was 
> pretty early on when 2 y/o Benjamin decided to bite the rubber buttons off 
> the darn thing which among other things made it less than water proof.  24 
> hours later I had a new one...no questions asked...they were lovely about 
> it.  A year later, I noticed a "shadow" on the display screen.  I called 
> them to see if it might be an issue and they immediately offered a new 
> one.
> Tracy
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> From: "Lisa Hepner" <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 11:25 PM
> Subject: Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump
>> There are a few reasons why we are considering switching.  I have not 
>> been
>> generally unhappy with the pump itself, but the customer service has not
>> been so hot.  I had a big issue last year regarding insurance and 
>> Medtronic
>> was attempting to bill me for a three month supply of reservoirs and 
>> sites.
>> Even though they were listed as a provider on my policy they said they
>> weren't and I would have to pay 100% of the cost because they would not 
>> bill
>> to my insurance company.  I won't get into the gory details.  We had an
>> issue with the battery cap a couple of weeks ago which was causing the 
>> pump
>> to act wonky.  Of course it was a Sunday so we called the 24 hour 
>> emergency
>> pump support line.  We were lead through a series of prompts and then 
>> told
>> to call back during business hours.  Very frustrating.  Medtronic did 
>> help
>> us the next day and shipped out two new battery caps, but why say you 
>> have a
>> 24 hour emergency product support line if you don't answer.
>> Things I like about Animas:  I do like the tiny basal rates.  Gavin still
>> uses a very small amount of insulin and this might be handy.  I also like
>> that they will lend an extra pump for vacations just in case of a
>> malfunction.  The sites look easier and less intimidating for Gavin. 
>> Also,
>> he likes to click his pump on by himself and with these sites he can 
>> click
>> it on either way when he cannot do this with the Minimed.  It has to 
>> attach
>> only one way.  The Animas is waterproof.  Do you know how much anxiety I
>> have about Gavin jumping in the pool or dropping his pump in the toilet? 
>> I
>> also like that the Animas has a favorite food database.
>> I am in the same boat as you and what we did was have a rep from each
>> company come out to the house so that we could actually see a demo and 
>> hear
>> about the products.  We didn't do this last time as our doctor only 
>> starts
>> people off with Minimed pumps.  We decided to shop around a little this
>> time.  I hope this helps!
>> On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:25 PM, Pam Henry <email @ redacted>
>> wrote:
>>> Lisa, what is it about the Animas that you like? I can't even consider 
>>> the
>>> Omnipod because Sarah would lose it in no time. For us, being attached 
>>> with
>>> tubing is a necessity!! Why aren't you staying with Minimed?...if you 
>>> don't
>>> mind my asking :0)
>>> On the Animas, I saw a demo of it on You Tube and it looks like that 
>>> when
>>> you do a bolus (correction, for food, whatever...), that it suggests an
>>> amount and you have to then manually input that amount with the up and 
>>> down
>>> arrows - whereas with the other pumps, it suggests an amount and if you
>>> agree with that amount, you just hit deliver. Can any of you Animas 
>>> users
>>> out there confirm this? What I saw on the Animas website seemed to 
>>> support
>>> what I saw on You Tube but that seems really odd.
>>> Is Logan going to Camp Sweeney this summer? Sarah's doing 2nd session.
>>> Pam, mom to Sarah, age 11, dx'd 1/03, pumping Cozmo since 3/04
>>> .
>> .
> .
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