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[IPp] RE: New Pump for 2 year old

Hi Charlee

Please look at the Animas rather than the MM for a 2 year old. The
Animas2020 is the only pump that delivers in very small basal settings and
this is essential for very young kids. The Animas can be set at
0.0.25units/hour which is probably what you'll need. None of the other pumps
can deliver so small an amount so accurately. Although our daughter is now
11.5, she has been diabetic since she was 18 months old. When she started
pumping at 7 yrs, the 0.5unit/hr increments were too high for her and we had
to set basals of zero every half hour. The MM can't cope with very low
delivery well as it only delivers 3 pulse an hour. It is also not waterproof
which is really necessary with young kids.

Karen Persov

Mum to Sarah (dx 10yrs, also hypothyroid - pumping Animas2020 with Dexcom
cmgs - previously on Cozmo and before that Minimed 511 and 512
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