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Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump

I believe BD sold their glucose meter business to a company that produces
the Nova Max meter.  They are currently running a promotion where they will
send you a free Nova Max meter if you give them the serial number of the BD
Paradigm meter.  (The Nova Max meter also has the capability to wirelessly
transmit the bg.)  It is very similar to the BD meter and requires the same
.3 blood sample size and now requires no coding.

Nova Max website

Coupon for a free Nova Max meter, (anyone can use this one which is
different from the one I described above.)

We use flash at home but we find it easier for the school nurse, my daughter
who is 6 and teaching others to be able to see the blood being drawn up the
strip so for that purpose we use BD meters and now intend to switch to Nova

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 2:09 PM, Suzanne Henbest <email @ redacted>
> With the minimed you still have to scroll through the "formula" customized
> to your child's personal insulin regimine, you just don't have to arrow
> arrow arrow until you reach the desired blood sugar level.  Once you look at
> the "formula" and it gives you the recommend bolus amount you can then
> increase or decrease or simply hit "act" again to accept what the forumla is
> calculating.  If you find you have to override the recommend amount too
> often you probably need to discuss changes with your endo and possible
> revisit your basal or ratios.  If you are entering a high physical activity
> period you can  simply switch to a "temporary basal rate".  I guess you can
> become complacent and simply hit "act, act, act all the way through, but
> then again if your sensitivity rate, basal rate and insulin to carb ratio
> are set correctly then the boluz wizard should be as accurate as it can be.
> Suzanne
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "jodie necaise" <email @ redacted>
> To: <email @ redacted>
> Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2008 1:14 PM
> Subject: RE: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump
>> I  think it's a good safety measure to input the recommended bolus.  My 8
>> year
>> old does the majority of his pump operation (with supervision) and instead
>> of
>> him habituatlly pressing OK, it's nice to have him actually have to stop
>> and
>> think and discuss with us the recommendation.  > Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2008
>> 10:59:59 -0400> From: email @ redacted> Subject: Re: [IPp] One
>> Touch
>> Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump> To: email @ redacted> >
>> my son has the Animas 2020 and it does require you to input the bolus >
>> amount
>> with the arrows. This is our first pump, so we have nothing to > compare
>> it
>> to. We don't think it is a big deal, in fact, it makes us stop > and think
>> about adjusting the recommended bolus because of extra activity, > the
>> need
>> for a combo bolus, etc. Hope this helps!> > Andrea> Mom to Gunnar, dx
>> 5/07,
>> pumping Animas since 11/07, Dexcom since 4/08> ----- Original Message
>> ----- >
>> From: "Pam Henry" <email @ redacted>> To:
>> <email @ redacted>> Sent: Monday, June 02, 2008
>> 11:25
>> PM> Subject: Re: [IPp] One Touch Ultra Link w/Minimed Pump> >> > Lisa,
>> what is
>> it about the Animas that you like? I can't even consider the> > Omnipod
>> because Sarah would lose it in no time. For us, being attached > > with> >
>> tubing is a necessity!! Why aren't you staying with Minimed?...if you > >
>> don't> > mind my asking :0)> >> > On the Animas, I saw a demo of it on You
>> Tube and it looks like that when> > you do a bolus (correction, for food,
>> whatever...), that it suggests an> > amount and you have to then manually
>> input that amount with the up and > > down> > arrows - whereas with the
>> other
>> pumps, it suggests an amount and if you> > agree with that amount, you
>> just
>> hit deliver. Can any of you Animas users> > out there confirm this? What I
>> saw
>> on the Animas website seemed to support> > what I saw on You Tube but that
>> seems really odd.> >> > Is Logan going to Camp Sweeney this summer?
>> Sarah's
>> doing 2nd session.> >> >> > Pam, mom to Sarah, age 11, dx'd 1/03, pumping
>> Cozmo since 3/04> > .> .>
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