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Re: [IPp] RE: Omnipod

My daughter also uses the Omnipod and it'll be a year in July since she
started it. She loves it. We have been using Skin Tac and Mastisol to keep
it on. She developed a sensitivity however over time to the Mastisol. She
wears the pod under her bathing suit bottom on the side wear the bikini
bottom gathers and you can't even see it. The bathing suit holds it on and
the Skin Tac works the best. She was able to keep the pod on the entire day
at the beach in the ocean with the waves pounding her last summer without
any problems. I hope that helps.

On 6/3/08 10:16 AM, "Rebecca SCHIRLE" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I have a question for Omnipod users. My 11 year old started using the Omnipod
> in Feb of this year. We switched from the Cozmo. She really likes it, as she
> was tired of wearing a fanny pack all the time. Anyway, we have had some
 > problems, especially when swimming every day, that the tape on one side
> to tear and pull away from her skin. It is always the side opposite the
> insertion site that pulls away and starts to tear. I hate to lose a pod so
> often and was wondering if anyone had found a way to make it stick a little
> better and not pull away and tear. That is the only thing I don't like, that
> you can't remove it for swimming and sports, but otherwise it has worked fine
> and she states she likes it better because she has no tubing to worry about.
> Thanks for any input. Rebecca Schirle, mother to Lynnea 11, dx
> 1/29/2003Temple, TX
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