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Re: [IPp] duration of insulin action

Hi Debbie,
We have the Animas pump and it also has the IOB (insulin on board) feature.
Insulin's do vary in duration time.  we use novolog and that is suppose to
last about 2-1/2 to 3 hours. However, I have 2 diabetics girls and they are
both set differently.    Sarah's is set at 2-1/2 hour, because of the
problem you are having but through out the day,  and Rebekah is set at 4

I do not know if it will help but I  look at several

 I had Rebekah nose diving when doing corrections in the evening and during
the night . I set her ISF number higher so the pump would  give a lower
correction at for that time frame.

So I guess my first question:  is that the only time you have a problem with
the bg coming down or is it through out the day also?  If that is the only
time of the day does your pump have that kind of feature that you could do
the opposite of us and set your ISF lower so the pump gives a larger
correction? or if the problem is 24 hours/day then like my Sarah I would
change the IOB down a hour like you doctor suggested.

The last thought is what about the bolus for supper should that be

Deb, mom to Sarah 12  Rebekah 10 dx 4-1/2 yrs pumping 2-1/2 yrs
& Madalynn 15 Catharine 8

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From: "Melvin & Debbie Crawford" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 8:50 AM
Subject: [IPp] duration of insulin action

> I have a question about the duration of insulin action setting.  We pump
> the Cozmo, but the other pumps probably have a similar setting.
> I am wondering how long of a time span you put in for the insulin action.
> have always used the default 4 hours, but I am wondering if it is more
like 2
> - 3 hours.  I know if you only did shots, let's say the pump was broke,
> would have to give shots every 2 hours, which lets me know that the
> alone is only working in 2 hour segments.  But if you add in the basals,
> they are set correctly, at what would the duration of insulin action need
> be set?
> Last endo. visit he said we could change that setting to 3 hours if we
> My question arises, because I notice, especially in the evening, if
Kendall is
> high at bedtime, he still may have insulin working (or the pump thinks
> working) and won't suggest a bolus, but then when I check him later, he
> either gone up more or not gone down any.  If there was still insulin
> from the bolus, it would seem he would continue to fall a bit.  Hope this
> makes sense.  His basals seem to be set correctly.
> Anyone have any insights?
> Thanks,
> Debbie Crawford
> Mom to Kristin, 19; Kelsey, 16 and Kendall, 13 (dx'd 11/99 - pumping 4/03)
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