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Re: [IPp] duration of insulin action

Hi all,

Last endo. visit he said we could change that setting  to 3 hours if we 

We started Jesse's Cozmo with a 3 hr. time  span..  After a few weeks, our 
pump rep, he himself a pumper, suggested we  set it to 2.5 hrs. And, that has 
worked out  fine....

My question arises, because I notice, especially in the  evening, if Kendall 
high at bedtime, he still may have insulin working (or  the pump thinks it's
working) and won't suggest a bolus, but then when I  check him later, he has
either gone up more or not gone down any.  If  there was still insulin working
from the bolus, it would seem he would  continue to fall a bit.  Hope this
makes sense.  His basals seem to  be set correctly.

Anyone have any insights? 

In one word... PUBERTY..   We have  this all the time with Jesse. And the 
part that sucks is that just when you want  to raise the basals....  things go 
back to normal..  
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