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Re: [IPp] duration of insulin action

Hi Debbie,
  I would consult your endo for help with this one. I think that each person 
uses insulin differently and the amount of time that insulin lasts in your 
system would be different for each person. It also depends on what type of 
insulin you are using (NovoLog, HumaLog, Apidra). If you conslted your endo 
with specific blood sugar numbers and the situations when the pump said he 
had insulin on board but his blood sugar went up or didn't go down he/she 
might be able to suggest a different setting for the insulin on board if 
    We have an Animas pump and it calculates insulin on board (IOB) when you 
give a bolus for a high bg reading (I'm sure it's pretty similar to your 
Cozmo pump). Our doc said to set the IOB for 4 hours for our son to be on 
the safe side because he is only 3 and we don't want to overload him with 
insulin. If we were going to give him shots for a correction in case of a 
pump malfunction we were told to do this no more often than every 3 hours, 
which again I think depends on each person and their individual situation. 
Sometimes we experience the same situation that you are going through where 
our son's pump says that he still has IOB but his blood sugar will go up or 
not have gone down the next time we check him. We just correct him at that 
point. We notice this a bit more when it's almost time to change his 
infusion set.
Mom to Riley (5), Cole (3 dx'd 9/05 pumping Animas since 6/8/06), Owen (19 

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From: "Melvin & Debbie Crawford" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 9:50 AM
Subject: [IPp] duration of insulin action
> Hi all,
> I have a question about the duration of insulin action setting.  We pump 
> with
> the Cozmo, but the other pumps probably have a similar setting.
> I am wondering how long of a time span you put in for the insulin action. 
> We
> have always used the default 4 hours, but I am wondering if it is more 
> like 2
> - 3 hours.  I know if you only did shots, let's say the pump was broke, 
> you
> would have to give shots every 2 hours, which lets me know that the 
> insulin
> alone is only working in 2 hour segments.  But if you add in the basals, 
> and
> they are set correctly, at what would the duration of insulin action need 
> to
> be set?
> Last endo. visit he said we could change that setting to 3 hours if we 
> wanted.
> My question arises, because I notice, especially in the evening, if 
> Kendall is
> high at bedtime, he still may have insulin working (or the pump thinks 
> it's
> working) and won't suggest a bolus, but then when I check him later, he 
> has
> either gone up more or not gone down any.  If there was still insulin 
> working
> from the bolus, it would seem he would continue to fall a bit.  Hope this
> makes sense.  His basals seem to be set correctly.
> Anyone have any insights?
> Thanks,
> Debbie Crawford
> Mom to Kristin, 19; Kelsey, 16 and Kendall, 13 (dx'd 11/99 - pumping 4/03)
> .
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