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Re: [IPp] duration of insulin action

HI Debbie,  We have noticed that same thing so I have actually measured how 
far and how long a bolus of insulin is active and our daughhter, jessi will 
start to drop in about 20 minutes , then peak in about 1 and half hours then 
her blood sugar will stop dropped and level off by about 2 hours and 15 
minutes give or take.  I know insulin is metabolised at different rates and 
is individual so  I think that 3 hours is problably the "safest norm when 
your giving a genereal duration that can apply to everyone.

We just usuall override the pump when we think the insulin is gone and we 
need to correct a high.  Hope that is helpful.  Debi mom of Jessi age 9 
diagnosed type1 age 2, pumping cosmo 1 and half years.
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From: "Melvin & Debbie Crawford" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Friday, June 30, 2006 8:50 AM
Subject: [IPp] duration of insulin action
> Hi all,
> I have a question about the duration of insulin action setting.  We pump 
> with
> the Cozmo, but the other pumps probably have a similar setting.
> I am wondering how long of a time span you put in for the insulin action. 
> We
> have always used the default 4 hours, but I am wondering if it is more 
> like 2
> - 3 hours.  I know if you only did shots, let's say the pump was broke, 
> you
> would have to give shots every 2 hours, which lets me know that the 
> insulin
> alone is only working in 2 hour segments.  But if you add in the basals, 
> and
> they are set correctly, at what would the duration of insulin action need 
> to
> be set?
> Last endo. visit he said we could change that setting to 3 hours if we 
> wanted.
> My question arises, because I notice, especially in the evening, if 
> Kendall is
> high at bedtime, he still may have insulin working (or the pump thinks 
> it's
> working) and won't suggest a bolus, but then when I check him later, he 
> has
> either gone up more or not gone down any.  If there was still insulin 
> working
> from the bolus, it would seem he would continue to fall a bit.  Hope this
> makes sense.  His basals seem to be set correctly.
> Anyone have any insights?
> Thanks,
> Debbie Crawford
> Mom to Kristin, 19; Kelsey, 16 and Kendall, 13 (dx'd 11/99 - pumping 4/03)
> .
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