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[IPp] re: Pump Locking Feature (Animas 1200 accidentally locking)

Sorry to potentially state the obvious (and you probably already thought of
this) but did you try the correct procedure (it's in the manual - Chapter 4)
for unlocking the pump when it accidentally locked up on you?


The only reason I'm bringing it up is because I had some similar
issues/confusions with the 1200 that I figured out on my own.  About a year
ago we changed my son from the Animas 1100 to Animas 1200.  As my son was
only 3 years old when he started on the Animas 1100, we kept it locked at
all times.  Locking the Animas 1100 was a procedure that was pretty hard to
have happen "accidentally" because the screen had to be "asleep" when the
proper buttons were pushed.  As a matter of fact, we NEVER had an accidental


Big difference with the 1200 though - in this case, the pump has to be awake
when you press the button combination (which is holding down the up arrow
and down arrow at the same time).  Again, if the pump is not awake when you
do it, it won't work.  That is, there has to be something showing on the
screen when you push both the up and down arrow simultaneously.  The same
procedure both locks and unlocks the pump (it's just a toggle).  Anyway,
because of this change I found that my son actually DID accidentally lock
the thing on a few occasions (you can imagine how it happens - he's leaning
on the pump for some reason, which wakes it up with an accidental button
press and then is still lying on it or whatever which means that both up and
down arrow will be pressed at the same time - voila!  Locked pump.)  The
first few times he did it I couldn't figure out for the life of me WHY I
couldn't unlock the darn thing (after all, when we were on the 1100 I locked
and unlocked the pump a hundred times a day) and then suddenly I realized I
had to wake it up FIRST to get it to lock and unlock.  Exact opposite of the


Anyway, that may or may not be the problem you were experiencing, and for
anyone else who hasn't figured it out yet, I thought I would point it out.  





Mom of Oliver, diagnosed 10/01 at 27 months old.  Pumping since Jan 03 on
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