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Re: [IPp] Camp/pump died/emergency supplies

Hi Jamie,
I think it would be a good idea. You never know what could happen.  
When we go on holiday, I always take double of what is needed and in  
different suitcases. And if I don't borrow a second pump (when far  
away and for a long tme) I take all what could be needed just in case...
Le 26-juin-06 ` 17:31, Jamie Anderson a icrit :

>  When my kids go to camp they decrease the basals by 10 %. I can't  
> believe it,
> all this talk about people having pumps die on them. My daughter's  
> pump died at
> camp last week. They had a new one to her in 26 hours. I was so  
> thankful it
> happened while she was at camp so they could consult her doctor  
> right there.
>  This makes me nervous for our vacations. We go on weekend trips  
> camping. Do you
> think we need to be taking Lantus with us all the time for an  
> emergency like the
> pump dying???
>  Jamie Anderson-mom to Zachary(12 Dx 7/05 and pumping since 8/05),  
> Cleo(10 Dx
> 3/04 and pumping since 11/04), Jamison(7), and Addalyn(1)
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> Thompson
> Sent: Friday, June 23, 2006 4:06 PM
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> Subject: Re: [IPp] Camp next week!
>  My daughter has gone the last 3 years, she just got back today  
> from 1 of 2
>  camps for this summer. She loves it but I have to say, I am not as  
> thrilled
> with
> them. It is nice that there are plenty of people there that know  
> how to handle
> an emergency but the camps she has gone to don't seem to care much  
> about the
> highs.
>   Every year I go through the same thing.....my husband and I are  
> fanatics about
> keeping her sugars under control....and every year they reduce her  
> insulin
> intake by like 20%!!!! Even after I persist that she is an  
> extremely active
> child! This past week she had a reading that even the meter couldn't
> read....just said HI, a couple in the 400's, and quite a few in the  
> 200 &
> 300's!!
>   But, I guess the overall experience and independence it provides  
> the kids is a
> good thing. Good luck!
> Mark & Kristen Bridgeman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My son went to camp a couple weeks ago, and I have never felt that  
> he was so
> safe. If it is a Diabetes Camp he is probably safer than he is with  
> you,
> because the staff have seen it all.....enjoy your time off!
> Kristen
> -- 
> Kristen - mom of Katie (14), Joe (12) and Will (10, dxd 3/05,  
> pumping Cosmo
> since 1/06!!)
> On 6/23/06 12:36 PM, "Lisa Hepner"
> wrote:
>> I am so nervous. Gavin is going to diabetes camp next week and I  
>> can't
>> believe how nervous I am to have him out of my sight for a full  
>> day. I also
>> hope he doesn't get freaked out by it because he can be shy. He  
>> knows a
>> couple of the other children who will be there so I am hoping it  
>> is a good
>> experience. Anything I should do to prepare myself and him for it?  
>> We have
>> our orientation on Saturday morning.
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