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Re: [IPp] Camp/pump died/emergency supplies

My endo said that we should just carry needles for short trips.  That way,
if you HAD to, you could give a shot of Novolog every 2 hours (missed basal
+ meal coverage/corrections).  That could get you through a few days.  Key
is a cell phone (to call and get new pump on the way!) and an alarm clock or
timer, so you could keep on track with the shots.  It would not be perfect,
but you could make it through.

Kristen - mom of Katie (14), Joe (12) and Will (10, dxd 3/05, pumping Cosmo
since 1/06!!)

On 6/26/06 10:31 AM, "Jamie Anderson" <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > When my kids go to camp they decrease the basals by 10 %. I can't believe it,
> all this talk about people having pumps die on them. My daughter's pump died
> at
> camp last week. They had a new one to her in 26 hours. I was so thankful it
> happened while she was at camp so they could consult her doctor right there.
>  This makes me nervous for our vacations. We go on weekend trips camping. Do
> you
> think we need to be taking Lantus with us all the time for an emergency like
> the
> pump dying???
>  Jamie Anderson-mom to Zachary(12 Dx 7/05 and pumping since 8/05), Cleo(10 Dx
> 3/04 and pumping since 11/04), Jamison(7), and Addalyn(1)
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>  My daughter has gone the last 3 years, she just got back today from 1 of 2
>  camps for this summer. She loves it but I have to say, I am not as thrilled
> with
 > them. It is nice that there are plenty of people there that know how to
> an emergency but the camps she has gone to don't seem to care much about the
> highs.
>   Every year I go through the same thing.....my husband and I are fanatics
> about
> keeping her sugars under control....and every year they reduce her insulin
> intake by like 20%!!!! Even after I persist that she is an extremely active
> child! This past week she had a reading that even the meter couldn't
> read....just said HI, a couple in the 400's, and quite a few in the 200 &
> 300's!!
 > But, I guess the overall experience and independence it provides the kids is
> a
> good thing. Good luck!
> Mark & Kristen Bridgeman <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My son went to camp a couple weeks ago, and I have never felt that he was so
> safe. If it is a Diabetes Camp he is probably safer than he is with you,
> because the staff have seen it all.....enjoy your time off!
> Kristen
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