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Re: [IPp] Growth and Insulin Requirements...

That's exactly how it happens for dd Matty, 12. We do all the usual
things... site change, bubbles, pump trouble (never has been any so far),
etc... but in the end, if she's battling highs it will usually be for
several days or even a week or two, then BAM... lows come out of nowhere. At
her last endo appt, we set up a second basal pattern. It's meant for the
pre- and early part of her menses cycle when she needs more insulin. But we
have used it twice now for these stubborn high cycles, which I suppose could
be irregular menses but more likely just growth. Then as soon an a low
appears, she switches back to the regular basal pattern. There might be a
few more lows, but it evens out within a couple of days.
~ Sally

On 6/24/06, Mark & Kristen Bridgeman <email @ redacted> wrote:

> OK,
> I feel like I am going crazy.  We got back from camp and had several
> adjustment days...and then some perfectly controlled days....I was feeling
> cocky....
> Just when I thought our pump was set perfectly, we left the normal range
> and
> have not returned.  200s- 300s for four days.  I am slowly inching up the
> ratios and basals.  Is this what happens?  Do increased insulin needs
> happen
> all at once like that ?  I love to hear what you think.   I feel like I am
> chasing my tail!
> Kristen
> --
> Kristen - mom of Katie (14), Joe (12) and Will (10, dxd 3/05, pumping
> Cosmo
> since 1/06!!)
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