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Re: [IPp] Camp next week!

 We had some parents that weren't happy about their kid's bgs while at camp
either. It wasn't because we didn't care about the highs or anything. It's just
very difficult to keep them level there. They are so active and (at least at the
camp I was a counselor at) we were required (by the camp insurance) to test and
treat if the child said they felt low, even if they didn't turn out to be.
Sometimes, depending on where you are and what you're doing (horseback riding
comes to mind), you have to assume low and treat, and stop to test at the next
convenient moment. And except on rare occasions, they generally aren't given
extra insulin outside of the parent's outlined plan. It is pretty routine to
drop the insulin needs down...most kids will need it. Sometimes the hypos don't
happen until hours later, like in the middle of the night. I always had to drop
my daughter's usage by 30% and even then that wasn't always enough. Sometimes I
would only have her doing half the usual
 insulin at lunch too, if they swam after lunch. 
 Hypos are much more immediately dangerous, even deadly, and that is why they
focus so much on that. They are concerned about the highs too but those are
generally easy to bring down and tend to be temporary (not the prolonged
elevated bgs for years that cause the complications). With as much activity as
we had, we were constantly having to give snacks to keep the kids from dropping
too low. We always had around 16-20 girls in our group (and at least 6
counselors, and a few CIT's)...trying to keep them all perfectly level with all
that is going on is next to impossible. We just did the best we could within our
 Take care, Kerri - proud mom of 8 in western OR :)
 "Work hard, live simply, give liberally, save wisely." - John Coblentz,
Christian Family Living
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