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[IPp] weird things happen...

My son is in summer school and they got to go swimming last Wednesday.
Luckily, I had made plans to be there.
The school nurse came to make sure I was there and to let me know, that
Cam had a low earlier in the day and that he didn't seem quite himself.
They had just had lunch, changed clothes and came to the pool, so I
really hadn't planned on checking BG, but since the nurse was concerned,
I thought I'd check. BG was 91... he's going swimming, so I think he
should probably have something. I gave Cam a 22 gram package of fruit
snacks. An hour later at safety check, his BG was 35!!!!!!!! Yikes! He's
swimming and acting perfectly fine. Here he is in a pool with 80 other
kids and I could barely keep track of him. Scary!  I give him another
package of fruit snacks and a bought a package of trail mix. He had
almost 60 carbs. An hour later, BG 64 - gave him a juice. An hour later,
we come home and his BG was 106. 
All the while, Cams not even hooked up to his pump. 
Cameron had been "tired" earlier in the day, but was full of energy at
the pool.
Thursday and Friday he was fine, BG's were fine. 
Saturday, Cam had a headache and started running a fever. He gets strep
really easy and that is usually how it presents itself. Late Saturday he
seemed to be getting worse, but not so bad that he needed to go to the
ER, so I decided I'd take him into a clinic the next morning for a throat
culture, so he could get started on antibiotics. BG's were perfectly
fine, so I didn't even think to check for ketones. Next morning, Cam is
moaning and groaning over stomach pains. Check ketones - large, so we
were off to the ER. I was kicking myself for not checking ketones
earlier, but since his BG wasn't high, I just didn't think it... besides,
he has hardly ever had ketones. Didn't even have ketones at diagnoses. 
Basal rates have gradually increased in the past month and Cam has been
in the "honeymoon" phase for over 3 yrs. 
Maybe the honeymoon is over and the day of swimming was his pancreas last

Some of these "weird" things we will never figure out. 

On a different note, we just got notice that Cams medicaid premium is
going up by 115%!  I'm so upset. 
Of course they didn't raise the monthly income baseline, so if we make
more money we get kicked off.  :((((

Carla, Mom to Cameron age 8
Diagnosed w/cancer 6-2001 (Wilms' tumor - in remission), 
High blood pressure 12-2001, 
Diabetes 11-2002  pumping with Animas since 7-2004
Asthma, etc. etc.
Cam's website: www.caringbridge.org/mo/cameron/
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