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[IPp] heat, insulin and low bgs

Since we live in England and its pretty cold alot, I notice the difference
heat mixed with insulin and exercise have. Sarah has the same problems if
she exercises too soon after a meal bolus. (drops low, feels sick,

High temperatures increase blood flow so the body can keep cool, so I figure
the insulin is absorbed faster when its hot. (Sarah always needs lower
basals in the heat).

Exercise increases the strength and speed of absorption of insulin, so you
need less than normal for the same number of carbs. Once exercising, the
stomach slows digestion dramatically, so food recently eaten may not digest
quickly enough to match the increased insulin activity.

Sarah has sports all afternoon on Thursdays, immediately after lunch and the
past few weeks have also been pretty hot for here.  I have been reducing the
lunch time bolus and testing half an hour into the exercise. Her Bgs have
been around 140 (1 hour after bolus) and I have given her a whole carton of
juice. This then holds for about another hour of exercise.

Karen, mum to Sarah age 9 (dxd at 18 months) pumping since 2003
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