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Re: [IPp] Your thoughts please....

Change of temp seems to make a difference to Grace. I also find, if she is
static but excited she goes low and active and excited she goes high, If the
cold delayed digestion / cramp? might that have accounted for dipping? Grace
goes very pale if "dropping" too fast for her system.
We have a water slide and often the water is freezing and I have noticed a
pallor to Grace when she comes in very cold. Paler / ghostlike in comparison
to the other kids. Some of whom are blue!!!! this is Ireland :O)))
Hope it was a once off
All the very best

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Sent: 19 June 2006 21:48
Subject: [IPp] Your thoughts please....
> To all my "helpers"-
> We had a wierd situation yesterday when we went to the beach.  Kate ate
> just before walking to the beach and I corrected and gave normal bolus.
> walked about 5 blocks in 90 degree heat - Kate then jumped into the ocean.
> The water was COLD - probably low 60's.  She was in for about 10 minutes
> having a great time.  I decided to pull her out to rest for a few minutes.
> She got back to her towel and starting complaining about her stomach - she
> felt like she might vomit.  I rubbed her tummy, gave her some diet soda so
> could burp and a couple of bites of turkey sandwich.  BS was 133 which was
> surprising to me (she runs high after meals).  She looked white as a ghost
> said her vision was off (could it have been the bright light - sea water
> suntan lotion? - I don't know).  She appeared very droopy and whiny - I
> her lay down for about 10 minutes.  When I woke her up she popped up like
> nothing ever happened.  Vision was good, tummy felt fine etc.
> Trying to figure out what it was because it kind of scared me.  BS coming
> too fast?  Can cold water cause BS to come down quickly?  I'm
> Any thoughts are appreciated....
> .
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