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[IPp] Your thoughts please....

To all my "helpers"-
We had a wierd situation yesterday when we went to the beach.  Kate ate lunch
just before walking to the beach and I corrected and gave normal bolus.  We
walked about 5 blocks in 90 degree heat - Kate then jumped into the ocean.
The water was COLD - probably low 60's.  She was in for about 10 minutes
having a great time.  I decided to pull her out to rest for a few minutes.

She got back to her towel and starting complaining about her stomach - she
felt like she might vomit.  I rubbed her tummy, gave her some diet soda so she
could burp and a couple of bites of turkey sandwich.  BS was 133 which was
surprising to me (she runs high after meals).  She looked white as a ghost and
said her vision was off (could it have been the bright light - sea water and
suntan lotion? - I don't know).  She appeared very droopy and whiny - I let
her lay down for about 10 minutes.  When I woke her up she popped up like
nothing ever happened.  Vision was good, tummy felt fine etc.

Trying to figure out what it was because it kind of scared me.  BS coming down
too fast?  Can cold water cause BS to come down quickly?  I'm clueless.....

Any thoughts are appreciated....
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